You will receive your report at the   

 end of the inspection, allowing you

 to immediately review it with the  


 And most importantly, we   

 strongly recommend you attend      

 the hear what the  

 inspector has to say first-hand as 

 well as ask any questions you may 

 have about the report or property.

Since 1990, CraMar Home Inspectors has been helping buyers and sellers evaluate homes either when buying or selling a home. For buyers, this means introducing all the components of the home, such as the mechanical elements  as well as safety issues. And for sellers, it's purpose is to identify any deficiencies that may need attention before putting the home on the market.

We also offer radon testing, as well as water quality and quantity testing.



Buying or selling a home? Whether you are a first-time home buyer, investing in your dream house or downsizing for retirement, make sure you get the home inspected!

And just what is a Home Inspection? It is an objective, diagnostic visual evaluation of the current conditions of the property's mechanical components and provides valuable insight, maintenance suggestions and recommendations on how to keep your home healthy. The main goal is to make you as knowledgeable as possible about the home. This knowledge is your tool to make an informed and educated decision on whether this is the right house for you, or how to get your property ready for resale.

We are licenced in Massachusetts as well as Connecticut.

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