We are a locally owned and operated company that has been performing home inspections for over 25 years. We do no repairs or appraisals...just inspections of homes, condos and multi- families.

We also offer water quality and quantity testing and testing for radon in air as well as water.

We provide these services to those in Central Massachusetts and Northeast Connecticut.

...and now is the time for the home inspection. And you wonder if the property you have chosen will live up to your dream. That's where the home inspector comes in. His are the objective eyes of the clinical observer. And his job is to make you as knowledgeable as he can about the condition of the home. His concern is of the mechanicals of the home, not the cosmetic. You have seen the home, with an eye for the cosmetics. He will be concerned with how the mechanicals function, such as heating, plumbing, electrical and ventilation as well as those conditions outside that can have an effect on the condition of your home, such as the roof, venting, landscaping (sloping away from the home), walkways, etc. Safety issues will be addressed as well.

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You have just found your dream home...